Sulalat El Tirra Honey Costa Rica Coffee 250G

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    This is a Costa Rican honey process coffee, comes from San Jose city in San Juan Norta Rives village, grown at 1500 meters in Rivense del Chirripo farm. Coffee varietal is Caturra.
    The coffee has won a placement in Cup of Excellence auction 2019 and the winner was Sulalat.
    We present it in a city plus roast suitable for filter, espresso and milk beverages producing a high sweetness and notes of red grapes, blueberry, cherries and pears.

    Suggested recipe:

    We recommend a longer rest before brewing the coffee, at least 20 days to see its full potential

    Pour over recipe:

    Tool: Timemore Crystal Eye
    Coffee weight: 22g
    Grind size: medium fine
    Water temperature: 93
    Water volume: 333 ml
    Preparation time: 2:40

    Pre wet 50ml and wait 35sec
    Pour over all around the coffee until 200 ml and wait 10sec
    Pour on around the center side until 300 ml
    Pour on the center until 333 ml

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