Arriyadh Qiddiyah Blend 250G

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    Notes: almonds - brown sugar - chocolate

    Coffee source: Guatemala - Ethiopia - Indonesia

    Processing: Mixture of washed - dried

    Texture: heavy, velvety

    Roasting degree: medium

    Suitable for espresso or milk drinks

    From three different continents, we chose three countries (Guatemala, Ethiopia, Indonesia), and selected the finest crops from them, to provide you with distinctive notes between the sweetness of brown sugar and almonds and the taste of chocolate.

    This crop comes to you from unique strains of Arabica, Bourbon and Heirloom. It has been processed in different ways, including drying and washing, and is roasted with love in our factory in Riyadh to present it to you with the best quality and freshest flavour.

    Suggested recipe:


    Quantity of coffee: 18 grams

    Extraction: 36 ml 


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